Software Projects

Direct effects
DirectEffects: Estimating controlled direct effects project page

(with Avi Acharya and Maya Sen)

DirectEffects is an R package to estimate controlled direct effects. As of now, the only model supported is sequential g-estimation, but we plan to expand to other models, including doubly robust estimators, in the future. For more information on how CDEs can be useful for applied research and a brief introduction to sequential g-estimation, see our 2016 APSR. Note that this package is still in alpha stages and is under rapid development.

  • Browse the source and fork DirectEffects on github.
Are your results teetering?
causalsens: A Selection Bias Approach to Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects project page

causalsens is an R package to implement the selection bias approach to sensitivity analysis for causal effects as introduced in Blackwell (2014). This approach allows researchers to evaulate the effect of unmeasured confounders on their estimated effects varying both the strength and direction of the confounding.

  • Browse the source and fork causalsens on github.
  • Read the vignette and check it out on CRAN.
Amelia is named after this famous missing person
Amelia: A Program for Missing Data project page

(with James Honaker and Gary King)

Amelia is an R package for the multiple imputation of incomplete data. Multiple imputation is a method to overcome the computational problem of missing data while maintaining good statistical properties. Amelia uses a bootstrap-based algorithm that increases speed and robustness. In addition, Amelia includes a graphical user interface that requires no knowledge of R at all.

The Columbus Egg
CEM: Coarsened Exact Matching project page

(with Stefano Iacus, Giuseppe Porro and Gary King)

CEM is a package for R, Stata, and SPSS that implements the method of coarsened exact matching. CEM improves causal inferences and reduces model dependence by making observations more comparable. I helped to write the Stata and SPSS packages.